TARTA Scorecard Update

11 12 2011

Within the last week, three municipalities made decisions on bringing the TARTA opt-out option to the electorate.  The option of allowing a member community to leave the regional transit service (without unanimous approval of the other members) was included in the July state budget.  Perrysburg and Sylvania Township councils both voted to add the referendum to the March ballot.  Rossford chose to not take action, as of yet.   My understanding is that member communities will have the option to leave through 2013.

This Toledo Blade editorial arguing for keeping TARTA together outlines much of the current events.



Updates on COTA transit center and TARTA votes

7 08 2011

I thought I would write an post updating several stories we have been following on Twitter (@ohiotransitnews).

1. It is looking like the previously proposed large transit center to move riders off Broad and High Streets, will not happen.  The first drawback to the proposal came when a COTA study revealed that the transit center probably would not diminish bus congestion downtown and some riders would be required to walk more.  After four public meetings, a new $20 million transit center does not look likely, but COTA will recommend to its board a bus routing plan for downtown sometime this fall.  This article says that that they are likely to promote moving some of the buses off High Street to Front Street.

2. Sylvania Township will not put a referendum to remove the township from TARTA service on the November ballot.  The law allowing individual community members to withdraw from the transit authority (in the past the other members had to agree to allow another member to leave), will not go into effect until the end of September.  Legal council determined that taking action before the law was in place could run into trouble.

Budget allows communities to vote for TARTA

6 07 2011

There was an understanding that the new state budget may include a provision that would allow TARTA members to vote individually to withdrawal from the service, and this article seems to confirm that is a fact.  Previously, all other (9 communities) would have to approve the departure of one member.  Perrysburg is the member that has been pushing for this option to leave TARTA.  It appears that Waterville may also look into the option of leaving TARTA.

It looks like there are two commuter routes that pass through Perrysburg (10A/L and 42X) along with para-transit service.  Waterville has only one express bus (29x).

from WTOL11

TARTA Levy passes

11 11 2010

In case you missed it, Issue 7 passed for a TARTA levy renewal.  Here is a thank you letter from James K. Gee, General Manager.

Perrysburg wants to leave TARTA

13 10 2010

This article reports that TARTA trustees have voted 13-0 to proceed with removing Perrysburg from the transit service area.  Removal from TARTA would end property tax collections in Perrysburg.  There is a renewal of one of TARTA’s levies in November.  To actually leave TARTA, all nine participating communities must approve, which according to this article does not appear likely.  In checking the TARTA website, Perrysburg is served by three bus routes (two rush-hour express buses) and paratransit services.

Follow-up: Toledo students and public transit

12 09 2010

This is a little late, but I guess it should be noted here that Lucas County commissioners did take some action regarding transit cuts at Toledo Public School.  This article discusses a grant by the county to offer transit through TARTA for four schools.  The school had cut back to the state minimum regarding transit, which is rides for younger students over 2 miles from school.  The new contract for four affected schools will offer transit for students within 1 mile.

from WTOL.com

TARTA goes to the polls

8 08 2010

After going back and forth on this issue all summer, TARTA will bring one of its two tax levies up for renewal in November.  My understanding from earlier pieces on this issue is that the agency had the funding through next year, so there is no immediate need for this renewal.

The big issue here is the reduction of transit funding at Toledo Public Schools.  High school students are now on their own and the younger students can walk up to two miles.  Toledo is friendly for walkers.  Read more in this Toledo Journal article.

from Toledo Blade