Dump the Pump Day has Come and Gone

22 06 2011

From my following of transit news, probably Dump the Pump Day (June 16th) is the busiest news story day of the year.  Now that the day has long passed, I thought I would mention a few words.  From what I can tell, most transit agencies in Ohio had some sort of promotion for this event.  SPARC (Sandusky Perkins Area Ride Connection) offered free rides for the day on their two routes.

Looking literally at the name of the day, this event promotes the use of  public transit over the automobile.  I would estimate most commuters would see this option as financial, and possibly/hopefully environmental.  COTA promotion involved helping commuters calculate there financial savings.  Basically, it comes down to the price of gas.  I always estimated that once gas prices are over $4.00 a gallon, the majority of commuters would be saving money by taking transit.  In the larger systems in Ohio the price of a one way ticket is about $2.00 to $2.25.  Therefore, a roundtrip would be about the price of one gallon of gas.  COTA mentioned a trend that their ridership goes up at $3.75.  Of course, this is stickly cost of gas, not taking into account for car maintenance, ownership, and insurance, which add much more to auto commuting.

The following tool will do a simple calculation for you.  If you do not pay for parking (which I assume most Ohioans do not–unless you work in transit friendly downtowns), most likely you will find that using transit (as it is now) will probably not save $1000s, but more like $100s a year.  The big money savings advertised involves eliminating the car (or a car for a multi-car household). Some money for thought.

Anyway, a happy belated Dump the Pump Day to you!


Ridership up in Sandusky

24 02 2011

This article reports that SPARC (Sandusky-Perkins Area Ride Collection) was up last year: from 83,000 in 2009 to 103,000 in 2010. The addition of a eastside route was credited with much of the increase.  There is even talks of adding another route.

from the Sandusky Register