Opinion about riding the bus in Canton

23 12 2010

I always like coming across opinion pieces about riding transit in Ohio.  Jim Hillibish writes his opinion about some of the common generalizations made about riding the bus (mainly, transit is for the poor).  Unfortunately, most opinion pieces like this feel like nostalgia.

from CantonRep.com

SARTA Donates Buses

28 09 2010

Stark Area Regional Transit Area donated 16 buses to 14 local non-profit agencies.  There are actually laws in place to regulate what buses can be donated (these buses averaged 317,000 miles).  Canton Repository readers are not happy.

from CantonRep.com

SARTA to sell newspapers

23 09 2010

If one was commuting 20-25 minutes by bus every morning, a newspaper may have value.  Editor & Publisher reports that SARTA will start selling the Canton Repository on buses starting yesterday.  Now if every bus could become a WIFI hotspot…

from Editor & Publisher

College passes for Stark County riders

9 09 2010

College students can now ride for the price of a student fare on SARTA buses.  Typical monthly passes (31-day passes) cost $45 for non-students, while a Student Bus Pass costs $27.50.  The student passes were previously limited to students aged 6 to 18.  If one could commute to school (and a job) for $27.50 a month, that would fit any budget nicely.

From what I can tell, this program is different from the college program with Greater Cleveland RTA, where CSU and CWRU are paying a fee to offer passes to all students.  The discount is all falling on SARTA’s books.  Hopefully, increased ridership will make to point moot.

As of this writing, the fares have not been updated with this information on the SARTA website, but I did find their press release from August 13th.

from CantonRep.com

Major route changes at SARTA

19 08 2010

The following article outlines some major changes that may/will be implemented in September.  There will be (were) public meetings.  While there are some cuts, it appears many routes will be more frequent and/or robust.  Four routes will change from once-an-hour to every half hour.  Twice an hour greatly alters how riders plan ahead — throw away the schedule.

Also, the plan is to have more frequent/regular buses going to the Akron/Canton Airport.  Business travelers can forget the car.

from CantonRep.com

TOD in Canton?

21 07 2010

Though vague on details, the following article outlines a proposed business revitalization plan for Mahoning Road Corridor.  SARTA received federal transit money and the transit improvements appear to be associated with sidewalk and bus shelter improvements, improving transit between downtown and northeast Canton.

from CantonRep.com