While we were gone…

8 02 2011

We had some technical difficulties the last few weeks, so here are a few stories that may have been missed.

Richland County purchases three new buses with grant. The buses will replace some 1993 models.

Cleveland RTA loses ridership for in 2010.

Sandusky gets a new transit administrator.

–  Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams is not a friend of transit, proposing new cuts.

Clintonville residents may find replacement bus turnaround without too much fighting.


Richland County adding route to Shelby

22 05 2010

The following article discusses several developments with Richland County Transit.  Though it does not quite sound like it is a done deal, a Mansfield to Shelby route will start in August connecting two colleges, North Central State and Ohio State University Mansfield.  Details on the route were not included, but the route would be at least 13 miles connecting the two institutions.

As this news came from a board meeting, some other information was passed along.  Extended service will be added along Ohio 13 starting this week and early positive feedback from issuing day passes.  I am a big proponent of day-weekly-monthly passes as they make life easier for daily commuters and simplify things for new riders.

from WMFD Mansfield