Kent tries to end limited access road

30 09 2010

Some more news on the planned transit center in Kent.  The city is trying to have the state changed the limit access designation of the road known as the Haymaker Parkway, which runs between downtown and the campus.  This ruling would allow for more car-unfriendly items like cross-walks.


Party is over in Kent

22 07 2010

As a follow-up to the planned Kent Transit Center, PARTA is now purchasing needed land.  As noted in this article about acquiring the parking lot of a faternity house, the grunt work lays ahead–12 parcels will need to be acquired.


Kent Transit Center Information

3 06 2010

Scheduled to open in 2012, PARTA announced more details about the Kent Central Gateway structure, which will serve up to 10 bus routes (or there is space for 10 buses) and also offer retail space.  The buzz words are a walkable area and connecting the Kent State to downtown.

PARTA services mainly Kent and Ravenna with few routes connecting more rural areas and express routes to Akron and Cleveland.  The system serves a population of approximately 155,000.

from The Record Courier