Election results and Ohio Transit

11 11 2011

From what I can tell, there were two local ballot issues that could affect public transit service on Tuesday: Issue 48 for the city of Cincinnati to ban adding trolley service and a .25 cent sales tax increase in Lorain County that would help prevent more cuts to LCT.

If you did not already hear, Lorain County voters rejected the sales tax increase and the limited funding for LCT is on the chopping block.  In better news for transit in Ohio, Issue 48 was rejected by Cincinnati voters and street car plans are still in the works.  That street car may yet get built.


SORTA Budget Shortfall, possibly

9 01 2011

Only a few months ago SORTA’s board submitted a budget that they envisioned would not call for service cuts or fare increases.  This is now up in the air, as Cincinnati’s City Council has approved cutting funding for SORTA to fix the city’s own budget shortfalls.  SORTA chairman Sean Rugless claims that this budget change violates the agreement between the City and SORTA established by a voter approval in 1972.

As state and local governments face increasing budget shortfalls in coming years, this type of transit squeeze may be seen in other systems.

from Cincinnati.com

TARTA Levy passes

11 11 2010

In case you missed it, Issue 7 passed for a TARTA levy renewal.  Here is a thank you letter from James K. Gee, General Manager.

Funding break-down for SORTA

31 10 2010

The following opinion from Ishton W. Morton, has some interesting numbers about the funding of SORTA service.  The major income source for SORTA is Cincinnati employee income tax.  There are service contracts with Butler, Clermont, and Warren County (very small and may not be renewed) and the rest of Hamilton County (2/3 of the population in the county) does not financial support the transit service.  I guess the assumption is that everyone works in the city.  His numbers are apparently from 2010, but similar results can be found at the SORTA website for 2009.

from Examiner.com

TARTA goes to the polls

8 08 2010

After going back and forth on this issue all summer, TARTA will bring one of its two tax levies up for renewal in November.  My understanding from earlier pieces on this issue is that the agency had the funding through next year, so there is no immediate need for this renewal.

The big issue here is the reduction of transit funding at Toledo Public Schools.  High school students are now on their own and the younger students can walk up to two miles.  Toledo is friendly for walkers.  Read more in this Toledo Journal article.

from Toledo Blade

TARTA funding not changing this year

13 07 2010

This Toledo Blade article gives an update on the status of future funding.  Maumee City recently joined Sullivan Township in rejecting replacing funding for property tax with a .5 % sales tax.  The board does not need to change funding this year, but must decide if it wants to replace or renew two existing levies.

from The Toledo Blade

Sylvania City supports sales tax

1 07 2010

The change-in-funding-from-property-to-income-tax issue for TARTA and participating is not quite over yet.  As discussed in this article, even after Sylvania Township rejected the proposal, other districts are still voting in favor of a half-cent sales tax for transit.  In this case, Sylvania City County overwhelmingly voted in favor.  To make it to the November ballot, there must be unanimous support from the 9 member communities.

from The Toledo Blade