Something to watch from Lorain County

15 09 2012

Though it is only a trial run, it looks like something good for public transit has emerged from casinos opening – by constitutional amendment – in all the major cities of the state.  On Monday, September 10th the Lorain County Transit started running regular routes to downtown Cleveland with park-and-ride at three locations in Elyria and Lorain.  Though there may have been planning on this for years, the spark for this expanded service seems to have been a way to cash in on the Horseshoe Casino opening in public square.  Or, at least that is how it has played out in the media.  Regardless, it looks like a few Lorain County residents have started to take advantage of this service for non-gambling purposes.

Other neighboring transit services have also talked about or expanded busing to downtown Cleveland with mentions of the casino.  Metro in Summit County to the south expanded its weekday commuter route at the end of August.    And from the beginning of the casino’s opening, Laketran in Lake County east of Cleveland has promoted its commuter bus service in connection to the casino (and other downtown attractions).  

Will this piggy-backing on the casino change how commuters and residents of other counties get downtown?


Increased fares for COTA and Lorain County

7 01 2012

A new year brings the occasional fare increase.  This year we find increases at COTA and Lorain County Transit.  Fares will go from $1.75 to $2.00 for a local bus ride.  In Lorain County, the fares will go up to $2.85, which I believe is the highest in the state for routed bus service.  Unfortunately, it looks like more increases for upcoming years.

For good news, there is expanded service for Greater Cleveland RTA and day passes available for Greater Dayton RTA.

Also, we have created a permanent (and hopefully updated) list of fares across the state.

Happy belated New Year!

Election results and Ohio Transit

11 11 2011

From what I can tell, there were two local ballot issues that could affect public transit service on Tuesday: Issue 48 for the city of Cincinnati to ban adding trolley service and a .25 cent sales tax increase in Lorain County that would help prevent more cuts to LCT.

If you did not already hear, Lorain County voters rejected the sales tax increase and the limited funding for LCT is on the chopping block.  In better news for transit in Ohio, Issue 48 was rejected by Cincinnati voters and street car plans are still in the works.  That street car may yet get built.

Update on Commuter Rail for Cleveland Westward

5 06 2011

There isn’t much new to this story (where will the project be in 15 years?) other than people are still talking about the West Shore Commuter Rail from Cleveland to Sandusky.  Among other Lorain County issues (express buses to Cleveland similar to Laketran’s commuter bus system), different commuter rail ideas were thrown out, including determining the best final destination in Cleveland.

Cleveland is job and people dispersed and a stop would need to close to other transit options.  The best location is still probably downtown.  Of the options mentioned in this article (Lakefront Station, Tower City, West Boulevard Rapid Station [three stops from Tower City], and the Westlake Park-n-Ride bus stop), Tower City would be the most convenient option followed by Lakefront and West Boulevard.  Unless you are working near the Westlake stop or downtown, you are looking at two transfers to get anywhere.  This could be different in 15 years though.

from The Morning Journal

While we were gone…

8 02 2011

We had some technical difficulties the last few weeks, so here are a few stories that may have been missed.

Richland County purchases three new buses with grant. The buses will replace some 1993 models.

Cleveland RTA loses ridership for in 2010.

Sandusky gets a new transit administrator.

–  Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams is not a friend of transit, proposing new cuts.

Clintonville residents may find replacement bus turnaround without too much fighting.

No budget increase for LCT in 2011

14 12 2010

It does not look like Lorain County will have any money for transit service in 2011.  County commissioners report a very tight budget for next year with probably little support for a sales tax increase (which was voted down in 2009).

LCT not likely to go Next Generation

31 10 2010

This article discusses Lorain County Transits predicament in obtaining state and federal funding through the ‘Next Generation’ funding.  The grants can only be used to for capital projects and purchase of energy-efficient funding, while Lorain County is lacking operating money.

from The Morning Journal