Increased fares for COTA and Lorain County

7 01 2012

A new year brings the occasional fare increase.  This year we find increases at COTA and Lorain County Transit.  Fares will go from $1.75 to $2.00 for a local bus ride.  In Lorain County, the fares will go up to $2.85, which I believe is the highest in the state for routed bus service.  Unfortunately, it looks like more increases for upcoming years.

For good news, there is expanded service for Greater Cleveland RTA and day passes available for Greater Dayton RTA.

Also, we have created a permanent (and hopefully updated) list of fares across the state.

Happy belated New Year!


X campaign makes stop in Cleveland

21 09 2011

This story did not get a whole lot of local news coverage, but the American Public Transportation Association (and several other interested parties)’s “Don’t X out Public Transit” campaign made its one Ohio stop in Ohio on Tuesday.  The basis of the campaign is to push for more funding (or at least less cuts than currently proposed in the House) on a long-term federal highway bill.  Current funding is in place through next March.  The following post on The Hill’s Transportation blog discusses what is at stake.  For more information on the campaign and issues, do check out their website’s news page, which has some pictures of the Cleveland event.

Update on rapid station in Little Italy

23 05 2011

From the Plain Dealer’s “Whatever Happened to…” series, Tom Breckenridge wrote an update on the status of a proposed Little Italy station for the Red Line.  The anser is: seeking funding.  This will not be an extension of service, but replace an existing station at East 120th.  The current station is one of the more worn down stations in the system and it is also more on the periphery of the main University Circle drag as compared to the proposed station.  A new station could not hurt.  If you have not seen University Circle recently, it feels like the home of all new development in Cleveland.


Brookings Rates Transit Systems for Work

17 05 2011

There were several articles about this recent Brookings Institution report about access to public transit.  The three main variables of the study were access to transit stops, wait-per-bus during rush hour, and if you can get to work within 90 minutes by transit.  Unsurprisingly, if you are not working downtown, you will have trouble breaking 90 minutes.  Here is an article from The Columbus Dispatch about COTA and here is one from about Greater Cleveland RTA.

For those interested in how Ohio metropolitan areas ranked (only 100 cities were included in this study):

Akron: 58

Cincinnati: 71

Cleveland: 41


Dayton: 27

Toledo: 40

Youngstown: 97

Go Dayton!  Do checkout the metro profiles (PDFs) which have great maps of each region.

Puritas Station Dedicated

17 05 2011

On Tuesday (today), the Puritas Station for the Greater Cleveland RTA’s Red Line had a grand opening.  This station is on the westside of Cleveland south of the Westpark area on the rapids way to the airport.  This article from WTAM talks about facility. 

Clifton project still alive in Lakewood and Cleveland

3 04 2011

It may be too soon to write off the Clifton Blvd. bus-enhancement project in Lakewood and Cleveland.  While Lakewood has pulled out of initial funding projections ($486,000), there are now plans for a modified, scaled-down project where the suburb would contribute around $50,000.  Instead of creating a center-lane with trees and passenger waiting, there will be some improvements to the bus stops (along the sidewalk) in Lakewood.

Interestingly, I still have not seen much about increasing service along Clifton.  Currently, RT. 55, which follows Clifton, does not run on evenings or weekends.

from The Plain Dealer

Clifton project may have expired

8 03 2011

This opinion seems to indicate that plans to create a Health Line-esque bus lane down Clifton Boulevard on the west side of Cleveland have been slowed.  The author would rather see Lakewood spend funding to expand a circulator bus, which currently only runs on Fridays.

from The Lakewood Observer