X campaign makes stop in Cleveland

21 09 2011

This story did not get a whole lot of local news coverage, but the American Public Transportation Association (and several other interested parties)’s “Don’t X out Public Transit” campaign made its one Ohio stop in Ohio on Tuesday.  The basis of the campaign is to push for more funding (or at least less cuts than currently proposed in the House) on a long-term federal highway bill.  Current funding is in place through next March.  The following post on The Hill’s Transportation blog discusses what is at stake.  For more information on the campaign and issues, do check out their website’s news page, which has some pictures of the Cleveland event.


Tax deal extends benefit to transit riders

18 12 2010

In case you missed, it there was an tax bill signed by the President this week.  In it, there were many extensions to programs in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, including increasing the tax-deductable subsidy for transit-riding employees to $230 (from $120).  This Dayton Daily News article summarizes it (Don’t send your letters!)

from Dayton Daily News

Big vs. Small Transit

17 06 2010

Lorain County Transit gets some national coverage. The Washington Post uses LCT as their example of a small transit that received federal funds to purchase buses, but had to cut service.  (LCT now currently runs two routes).  New federal legislation,which is now somewhat stalled, is proposing to give transit agencies the opportunity to compete in obtaining grants for operating expenses as opposed to capital improvements.  Would not have seen this coming, but the larger transit (MTA in NYC) agencies are opposed to changing the funding.

from The Washington Post