Once (and current?) bus stop along Rt. 6 in Lorain CountyI created this site to follow news stories related to Public Transit systems in Ohio.  We live at a peculiar time where we see frequent news stories about consumers cutting back and reorganizing their lives in the face of economic hardship.  Public transportation is often thrown into these stories as on option.  The disconnect is that transit systems have for decades been cut back and eliminated and the funding is very fickle as most consumers do not use this public service.  Are we at a turning point where places like Ohio will see increased mass transit use or will pass trends continue in the face of increasing fuel costs?

Frequently there are national or professional coverage of larger mass transit projects in Ohio, such as the proposed train/trolley lines in Columbus and Cincinnati.  I will cover these stories as they develop, but I also plan on noting any articles found related to the approximately 60 other public transit systems in Ohio.


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